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Recliner mech’s usually function just fine however there is an industry trend of making everything lighter weight and thus weaker.

There are several problems that can arise with a reclining mechanism.

One of the most common problems is “pull or parachute¬† handles”. If your chair is under warranty get on the phone to your store and whallla it’s fixed. If not, you can order the parts online through the manufacturer. The actual process is simple. Flip the chair over and get a good look at how the pull cord works and what it is attached to. There is a mounting plate that needs to be removed and probably a retaining screw for the cable and then remove and reinstall the part. If you have trouble accessing the spot where the end of the cable attaches open the footrest and now you can get to it. Install and test.

Another common problem is hearing a strange sound like a spring against metal. Have¬† someone sit in the chair and try to isolate the area of where the sound is coming from. Now you’ll get in the right direction from the start. Flip the chair over and look for obvious areas of wear. Look for metal dust, worn paint etc. Many times if you look at the mechanism working you will spot the problem quickly so watch the motion and look for the rub. Many times you can take a hammer or prybar and do some light bending back so there is no rubbing taking place.

While you have the chair turned over it’s a good idea to go through and tighten all of the mounting bolts. This will help to re-align the whole deal. Once you complete this, use cooking spray to lubricate the moving parts. We recommend this as opposed to WD-40 unless you love the smell of it. Sometimes a chair will become difficult to open. This works wonders for that.

If you are not comfortable doing these repairs you can always call a professional furniture repairman.

I hope this helps clear up some common problems with recliner mechanisms.

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    Please email me directly and I can possibly help you with this. The first thing is getting the serial number and model number of the piece. Generally the country of origin or manufacture along with age will somewhat dictate whether or not you’ll find a suitable mech. You can go thought the website “contact us” and it will go directly to me.

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